Sunday, March 29, 2009

S p r i n g Break?

Well, whether it feels like SPRING or not, we had SPRING BREAK this week. Seriously! Is this typical Idaho weather or what? Clearly the weather forecast was dead wrong the beginning of the week. We have had our spring break camping trip planned since January.. and who knew that we would receive record snow fall this month and record high winds, etc. (So much for our calendaring session with the intention of coordinating friends and famiLy schedules) Who cares if we all can make it if the weather is going to be crazy!

Anyway. We have had a great break from school and the everyday humdrum. Beginning with a trip to Hagerman / Glenns Ferry Idaho where it is usually 10 degrees warmer than PokY. We spent 4 days there in our camper. While the rest of Yous were getting 6 inches of snow, we only had wind and rain. We attended church in Glens FeRRy, a short 25 minute drive from our campground. 'A friendly bunch I must say. After that, we drove toward Twin Falls and saw the new TemPle. 'A great new addition to the collection in my opinion. 'Totally love the new subdivision surrounding it.

We made our usual swimming visit to 1000 springs, an indoor pool in Hagerman. 'Totally love that warm water- my kids are exhausted afterwards...;)

Aside from all of the wind, rain, and dust we are grateful that our camper made it home in one piece, the wind nearly blew our door off, but we had some great motorcycle riding, our kids had an absoLute BLast - aLright, I didn't mind it too bad either. Brennan thinks he is big enough to ride my Honda 200 ( and he is... that is the sick thing) Mady did really well on the Yamaha 90 and Gage is shredding the Land on the Honda 50. He is mastering the art of Hill Climbing and I must say that there in NO FEAR in that boy!
Whereas the drive the Hagerman is 3 hours, we listened to lots of music in the car. Brennan got is first dose of the BEEGees and totally Loves THeM! (He is just like his dad :0)

The afternoon we packed up, all of the kids are bawLing because they wanted to stay longer... they "didn't get to have enough FUN!" If we had stayed a month, they would have said the same thing.

I am grateful for a warm home that boasts wide open spaces, lots of running water, a dishwasher, a true flusher toilet with lots elbow room and a soaker bathTUB, oh, and a KING size bed. Truly, I would have been a really crappy Pioneer Woman. Especially with no snack-size candy bars or chocoLate in the knapsack. Anyone who knows me , knows that my motto is be prepared... that of course means that I do not pack Lightly making the whole handcart thing a bad option for me as well. :) Any WHO! I Totally love camping... IN JULY!

The remainder of our week was spent playing with cousins, friends, going to Hip Hop and Cheer classes, making serious crafties in the garage, cleaning the camper, doing TONS of Laundry, staying up late and due to the weather,watching lots and lots of movies.

Last night, Derek and I went to Dinner with Tara (derek's sister) and her totally cute boyfriend :) SHa SHwoo! We got to meet him for the first time whiLe having dinner with the SiBs. Later we played Lazer Tag at OuterLimits. Yes, we are nearly 40 and we all love Lazer Tag. It is a sort of anGer ManaGement / Therapy or something. How can shooting your spouse bring so much satisfaction and JOY? I had a blast. We again left our kids home to "Tend themselves" and again they passed the test. We are ecstatic (-2 for spelling?) Our days of date night babysitters are coming to a close :) TruLy, I am seeing light at the end of our tunneL!!
Tonight, Sunday, we had dinner at the LesLie Home in Firth. A dandy place, Firth. (To visit) THat house was hoppin' with 29 people there. (Cameron is on his mission so it would be 30). Now that is posterity!

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a Seriously CRAZY Week. May the Dear Lord be with us as we attempt to get our chiLdren out of bed to make the school Bus!!


  1. WOWSERS! Sounds like you were busy during your Spring Break, but it also sounds like you had lots of fun! We're on Spring Break this week and hopefully everyone will be feeling good and up for something fun, although I haven't figured out what that might be yet!

  2. You seriously crack me up Hols!! If you had your own column for the paper, your's would be the first (and probably the only) thing I would are as entertaining on page as you are in person! You are adorable, and so are those BIG kids!! Congrats on the self-babysitting!! Glad you are the newest member of the no baby-sitters club!! Come see us this summer, and bring your kids and their motorcycles...we have a fun bumps and jumps course right in front of our house, and a bunch of fun kids to ride with them, courtesy of the Goodworth clan...who are as neat as you guys! Seriously COME!! Oh, and Thanks again so much for the fun time at the cabin...I sent you a card, but for some reason it came back to me for a wrong address! Do you not get mail at your house??? Anyways, come see me, I'll deliver it in person...ha!

  3. I think you or I could be weather men well women! I think there is a chance of rain or well no; maybe snow!There is a 50/50 chance of Sun or snow really who knows!!ha ha enough baggin' on the weather men Noelle!
    I am so excited to do your cute little families pics..It's gonna be a fun one woo hoo! Let's get some of your crafties up on the blog for display Eh?

  4. Hey Holli!! I came across your blog and hope you don't mind that I add you to my list. Your family is adorable and you are just as beautiful as always!!