Friday, May 14, 2010

MAY... MAYbe I will get to do anything besides Pictures:)

This entire month is scheduled with Softball and Community Rec Dance pictures. With the exception of Fridays, 2 saturdays,and of course Sundays, we will either be at the ball park, or the rec center taking pictures of the children in this city.

Dena and Jerry were here this last weekend for ISU Graduation and Mother's Day. I thought it was a good visit. Fast and furious anyway. On Friday, we went to lunch at one of my new found HOT SPOTS! Costa Vida Baby. I am in love with a sweet pork burrito! We had a fun visit and then took mom to buy her an mP3 for Mother's Day. She wants to download the Carpenters and Barry Manilow to it! Who knew.

On Saturday, Steph and I woke up at 6:00 am to drive to American Falls for our Bountiful Baskets. I was again reminded how I hate mornings. I swear we had $75.00 worth of produce for $15.00. AWESOME.
Afterward, we went to Dena's graduation. Congrats. 20 + years to complete her degree, but she finally did it! WahOO!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

ApriL.... ALreadY???

Yeah, it has been ApriL and nearly half way into May as I write this entry :)

Things are starting to settle down around here. Thankfully. The weather is still not showing any signs of breaking for good. Still snowing... a lot... in April?

We started the month off with General Conference. Last year, Derek reserved the Kimball Condominium for us during Conference this year... amazing we even got it. That place was HoPPing this weekend! It snowed on our way to Salt Lake and again every day while we were there. BRRR! We had tickets to the Sunday afternoon session only. Dennis and Shirley were coming home from Arizona and stopped in to watch Chloee and Gage while we went to the session. 'Totally loved it! I have never seen a prophet in person. I could feel the spirit- even 30 rows back with 21,000 people in the same room. As the First Presidency entered, the quiet buzzing fell completely SILENT! I could have heard a pin drop it was that quiet! What an awesome experience to actually SEE them.

Of course the talks were all great, but I could not get over how AMAZING the choir sounded. They sound good on tv... but I am telling you. The acoustics in that center are phoenominal (-2 for spelling?) I had chills! ... and of course my tearducts were working over time. My kids think I am psycho.. ok. Derek does too. Anyway, we all enjoyed the meeting. I would love to go again.

The next week was NUTZZZ. I had 2 temple enrichment activities and a Ladies Night to prepare for. BUUUUUZZZY! I think it is kind of funny that they keep changing the name of our meeting... like it matters. Does the name of it make it any more fun, meaningful or important? NOT. Derek and I like to refer to it as THE MEETING FORMERLY KNOWN AS ENRICHMENT :)

Everyone is hanging in there.. Except me. Derek is trying to pick up some slack, where I have been so busy, but things still aren't the same. I really cannot wait until our economy bounces back. We have been so spoiled. We have had to switch into conservation MODE. We are really learning to do without, make ends meet & fix things up around here. I am not saying it has been easy, but we are doing it. I think the thing we all miss most is going out to dinner and movies. We have had to substitute them with meals at home (lets here it for the pressure cooker we got for Christmas- thanks Mom & Dad!) ,red box movie rentals, and microwave popcorn! Thankfully, we have been able to pay the bills without touching our savings. I guess that is all we can ask for. We did get an offer on the "BIG" house that we just finished in January. It closes next month. YEAHHHH! So far, no sign of a presale, but Derek has started another spec. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

We celebrated Derek's 42nd Birthday on the 13th. Yes, he is getting old. We tried to throw him a surprise party, but he always has a way of ruining the surprise. He eventually found out. We made him a great GOLF cake and invited the Dyes and the Crocketts over... It ended up being moms and kids for cake and icecream. Pres. Dye was hung up in a meeting and Darin Crockett (who was just put in the bishopric in their ward) was stuck in meetings as well. So, the kids all sang Happy Birthday to him and then he went to play in a church basketball game. Eventful? NADA!

On the 16th we went to the temple with members of our Elder's Quorum. Only 4 couples went, but we had fun. Funny, what you can learn about people in just 45 minutes :)

Derek has put the trampoline back up for the season. The kids are on it Non stop! It kills Brennan's back, but he is still out there.
Bren decided not to play Baseball this year. SOOOOOOOO glad. Doing better in Math, only because Derek has had to sit down with him and spoon feed it to him. I think he is liking school a little better, but still hates to get out of BED in the morning. (GEe... ME too). He finally talked his dad into a cell phone. HE loves it.

Mady is just starting Softball. Still cheering and dancing. Always has a cloud of friends hovering. Give me strength. She has abs of solid rock from all of the back hand springs that she does in a day. SHE IS GROUCHY! She hates Brennan to tease her and has really sensitive feelings.... we can't hardly look at her without compromising the situation. WHERE is the LOVE? She is an amazing little baby sitter. SHe is also a big helper, but one of the biggest mess makers at the same time. Chloee really loves her to pieces :)

Gage is just Gage. He loves to play with friends.. ie, Max, Brayden and Austin. They all love to go to the jumps, dig and build new jumps, tear down the jumps, make more jumps, talk about the jumps... funny. He is just full on BOY. Scooters, bikes, dirt, tools, and tape. He hates school and has an excuse not to go EVERY DAY! oHHHH! My Back is killing me... I am sick...SNIFF> I have a bad head ache... I will only go if you take me to SUBWAY. SHEESH!

Chloee. MISTRESS OF DISASTER. Oh my GOOOOODNESS>. If it is quiet for more than 2 seconds we have to be on the run looking for her. SHe is either into the makeup, nailpolish or cleaning sprays, or the gypsy blood in her has again forced her to wander. We cannot keep up with her. She says and does some crazy things... ie. I'm not going to be your mother anymore (when she thinks I am being mean to her). She asks Noelle if her sister can come over to play (Reagan) She still does the "Mummy eyes" from wizards of waverly place "Your UNDAH MY POWAH". She has to bathe with anyone that takes a bath. She LOVES lip gloss and has a tendancy to get carried away :) She is just nuts. Right now her favorite movie is Polar Express. She has watched it 30 times i swear. Each time, she says. " Mom I will save you" we finally figured out that she is scared of the conductor... when she sees him, the wolves, or things get too intense, she hides under the covers. CRAZY- but she loves it!

I have been steady with temple orders, selling crafties for mothers day, spring and every other thing imaginable. (What's new, eh?) Noelle and I just found out that we got the Chubbuck Girls Softball League photography job. YEAHHH! we will be busy. There are 22 teams... I have been contacted by 3 different distant cousins on my dad's side. We have been comparing notes and trying to figure out more information about my great great grandparents. It is TOUGH. I may just be done. 5 generations might be my limit. Even though we have technology in our homes, It still takes a TON of time to search for people when you have very little information about them.

Steph and I have been couponing and have just started getting bountiful Baskets every other Saturday. It has been fun spending time with her. She is nutz!

Derek is coaching tee ball again this summer. I am hoping this will be out last go around. Steph is helping and the twins are on our team. It should be a wild and crazy summer.

We have several trips planned. I am hoping the weather cooperates. If it is too muddy at Mink Creek to ride, I am pulling my camper to LAVA and soaking in the hotpools for Memorial weekend. YEEHAW!