Thursday, January 14, 2010


So far this month there has been no decking the halls with anything that is staying here. Everything is headed out the door to the Festival of Trees crafty booth. I have been frantically painting, staining, packing, etc. things for this 2nd show. Somewhere I lost a week on the calendar. I was thinking I had 2 weeks between these shows and in reality only had one. WOW!

Although, a long and crazy week at the Festival of trees, I met some really amazing women and had a few moments of downtime to get my act together. I am also making a note to self to get tickets to the Princess Tea for my girls... I think they would seriously love it!

On the 9th we began taking dance photos for the Pocatello Rec Center. There are some seriously darling little girls in this city. We had to start early this little partner Noelle Merzlock is very pregnant... She is actually going to be induced on the 17th. I pray she makes it until then.

On the 11th, we spent the entire evening setting up the foyer for CeleBrate Christ. Somehow that was my responsibility again this year... thankfully that was only one night this year and we were able to tear it all down on Sunday after the program.

I still have no Christmas tree up... I still don't care that I don't have a tree up.

On the 13th we had our annual Leslie cousin Christmas party. Good food, good company, fun activities, were had by most.

The craziness continues... on the 17th we had the adult Leslie party... we went bowling in Blackfoot - there is never a boring moment with Brandt in your company.
The 18th was our Ratliff Christmas party. We had it at the Red Lion... the kids swam, we sat in the hot tub, opened great gifts from mom & dad and slept over, only to wake up and leave the mess for the merry maids! It was the greatest.

As all of this is going on, I continued to make temple pictures... was trying to pack for our trip to Arizona, Christmas shop, wrap, Plan a school Christmas party, clean up messes from the previous month, decorate a spec home to free up the red trailer that was full of decorations, had a tooth pulled, was drowning in laundry, had two birthdays to buy presents for ( Chloee 21st and Gage 26th) birthday cakes to make..... woOOOOOW! I'm not so sure I don't need to be evaluated after this month is over.

Our trip to Arizona was anything but relaxing for me. We,, well, I worked from the minute we arrived until them minute we left. Painting... cleaning... cooking... we put up a tree, finshed the shopping, wrapped presents, made cake, baked cookies for Santa, watched the Nativity movie.... seriously. By the time Christmas was here, I was struggling to even CARE!!!

On the ride home, all 16 hours of it, I had plenty of time to review the hellacious month(s) previous. Nobody cares that i am stressed to the max, Nobody cares that I get fewer than 5 and sometimes 4 hours of sleep / night, Nobody cares that I have a "To-DO" list as long as both of my legs. NObody. As I found myself longing for days as a child when I was bored and had nothing to do, I also took time to think about resolutions for the New Year... and funny, many of them can easily be achieved by learning to say the word(s) NO, and Gee,I am sooo sorry... wish me luck!


Baby it is already really cold outside - or am I just a serious wimp! Maybe I am just cold because I am unable to maintain my own body temperature due to my LACK OF SLEEP these past few weeks. I am wishing I had started making crafties back in March or something for this show and wonder what in the world I have bit off this time! I have made over 120 temple plaques myself, ok, mom and steph also helped, 5 snowmen, 3 large pumpkins and now am working on large santas and blocks. SHEEESH!

We have continued to make temple pictures for Super Saturdays and Fantastic Fridays... by the end of the month, we will have made close to 1000 copies of various temple pictures.

On the 12th, Brennan got his braces off! His teeth look so great!

Derek made me a crafty booth - we finally got it all painted and I think I know how it is all going to work together with my display tables, etc. It is insane - all of the things to think about. My kids totally love the cash register that I bought. Madelyn wants to come help at the show so she can be in charge of the money.... right....

On the 20th we finally got the trailer packed up thanks to Steph and Ronnie. We would have never made it without their help. We arrived in I.F. in barely enough time to get things set up, before the janitor kicked us out. That place is intense. I haven't seen anything like it ... ever.

Our show was a success, it thought. Certainly, we sold enough inventory to have made it worth it and received a few custom orders in the meantime. Will I do it again? We'll see.

Thanksgiving was a little different this year... neither of the Grandma's were there to celebrate with us, but we invited aunt betty. Immediately following dinner, we got a call from RJ at Grandma's Motel, saying the Hot Water Heating system had blown loose! There was water shooting everywhere! What a way to illiminate a post thanksgiving dinner nap! We threw the carpet cleaner in the truck and away we went! I pray that place doesn't blow itself off the map before Grandma's will is settled. That could be another nightmare all by itself.

As this month rolls to a close, I am thankful for Family and Home. I seriously would not have made it through this month without Derek, my Mom and Steph and their willing hearts, helping hands, and many hours of service. I am also appreciative of the days when my house was clean, organized and decorated for the holidays.. as of now, it is none of those.


This seriously was the craziest, fastest quarter of my whole life. It is a really good thing I took notes on the calendar - or this might also be the shortest entry on the whole blog.

We started off the month looking forward to listening to conference. Seriously, at first I had a little trouble with President Monson... only because President HincKley was soooo my favorite prophet of all time. Anyway, he is growing on me. I love to hear him speak and now, really love to hear his daughter speak as well. The Monson family will for sure go down in history as being a Power family for me.

Funny... I have been making temple pictures fairly steadily throughout the summer, but October hits and all of a sudden it is Super Slammin Saturday every week. By the time the month is over, I will have developed over 300 temple pictures for different wards.

On the 8th, we went to the cabin. It was cold as heck, but our kids still wanted to ride motorcycles. They came in freezing half to death. This has been an unusually cold Fall. I am hoping it isn't an indication of a subzero winter. It is always fun to go and relax, watch videos, play games and eat great food, but I am wishing we had a housekeeping fairy to pick up the slack while we are packing up to go home. That for sure kicks my rear end!

I have a new calling, I teach the 18 year old Sunday School Class. It is actually ok. Our babysitter Chelsie is in that class, so it is tolerable. Wondering how it will be when she moves on??? I don't even want to go there. She has been our babysitter for 5 years. I can bearly stand the thought of her going off to college this next fall.

This year I was swindled into being a room mother for Mady's class. I have serious brain rot at this time and have struggled to come up with anything worth while. We finally decided to play a crazy halloween bingo game, make caramel apples, and ghosts out of suckers. Thank heaven, kids aren't too picky. The caramel apples were soooo yummy. Those are on the list again for next year.

Halloween is always a pain in the AAAAAAAA for me. Now that we have 4 children, it is an even bigger drag. ok... if we could just dress up one time and go trick or treating once, it would be fine. NOOOOO. Not in our neighborhood. We have a trunk or treak a few days before Halloween, then we dress up for school parties and parade through the school, then actually trick or treat again on Halloween night. YEEEEESH! Besides passing out over 400 pieces of candy each year, My rear end drags by the time it is over. I find myself becoming less and less excited about this holiday every year. And each year, the candy gets thrown away a little sooner because the wrappers are all over my house. Calgon take me away!

I have been full-on in crafty mode. Now that super Saturday is over, I finally have time to work on my own crafties for the Craft Fair in November. Right now, I am working on temple pictures. sanding. painting. mod podging. ..... it seems endless. Derek's garage will never be the same, I am sure.

We went to dinner with some seriously fun couples! We spend so much time trying to act mature, be responsible, appear flawless and speak intelligently as adults. It is sooooo great to ME when you can just HANG out sometimes. We didn't take kids with us so we could talk about whatever came up without being interrupted. We laughed until I think my eyes started watering and my guts were hurting, We we politically incorrect as often as possible, nobody spilled anything or had to go the bathroom 10 times, we ate some amazing food that you can't afford when you take your family out to eat, and drank lots of PEPSI! It was for sure a great night. Only to be topped off with a drag race home. Just for the record... The ladies totally won Baby!!!

Say it isn't September!

(I am writing this post from notes jotted months ago, that are finally being recorded in January as an effort to keep at least one New Year's resolution from 2009!!!)

SeptemBer arrives, the rest of the year goes by lickety split! This year was no exception.

Our children are of course back in school full swing. PM Kindergarten is seriously the greatest. SO far, Gage doesn't mind going to school, if we agree to take him to SUBWAY for lunch before school. cha. AS IF! Mady loves school and is soooo delighted to be back on the social scene. New friends are alway so great. Brennan is in 6th grade at Hawthorne middle school... the first year 6th graders were moved up. Honestly. I know that I will look back and it will all be well. This added responsiblity of a locker and transporting his personals back & forth is a little much. He will get used to it (I pray... because I don't want to afford to replace another Math workbook!) Chloee and Mom are digging the time to ourselves. Man this joint is quiet until about 2:38 p.m. and then all H-e-double hockey sticks breaks loose!(or is that just gage breaking through the door - so relieved to be home and out the door to play!)

For whatever reason, I have had several requests to take family photos for different people and that started the month off with an extra dallop of craZiness.

Brennan has Football Practice 4 nights a week and then a game on Saturdays. Go Rams! Seriously... for only being 6th graders, I could swear they get their butts handed to them each practice. I know it will be good for him. He will hopefully learn to be tough - BUT holy cow! Again, they are 6th graders!

Madelyn has started Hip Hop and Cheer/Tumbling Classes again. She of course loves them. If we would let her, she would have something every night of the week. She also is taking piano lessons again. I pray my nerves will stand it. :)

Gage Loves to play outside on the vacant lot behind our house. Derek has scooped some dirt into piles and they have all made some jumps that they like to ride their bikes on. He is quiet the dare devil.

Chloee loves to play with dollies and ride her bike with training wheels. She is a serious GYPSY! I struggle to keep her at home now that she has "Wheels" WOW! She is usually out the door and gone before I can slip shoes on to race after her.

We celebrated Brennan's 12th birthday on the 9th. Yeah. I have a 12 year old. what about it? He is delighted to hold the Priesthood, to get to pass the Sacrament and all of the other great stuff that goes along with being a Deacon.

Madelyn turned 9 on the 13th. WOW! I still to this day do not know what we were thinking having September Birthdays. It seems like this month is NUT_VILLE by the time we pay everything the attention it needs.- oh and we can barely roll out the door because we have eaten sooo much birthday cake and icecream.

I have been busily preparing for our Super Saturday coming up. WOW!

On the 17th, I took a "Mama's day out" trip to the Great Valley. I dearly love shopping in Salt Lake. First comes the TaiPan in Roy, then Taiwan Imports in Murray and then the Taipan in Sandy and then took a few more temple pictures along the way to add to the collection.

As I look back on this month, I am grateful for many things, beautiful autumn sunsets, cooler temperatures, and to be back on a schedule!