Thursday, January 14, 2010


So far this month there has been no decking the halls with anything that is staying here. Everything is headed out the door to the Festival of Trees crafty booth. I have been frantically painting, staining, packing, etc. things for this 2nd show. Somewhere I lost a week on the calendar. I was thinking I had 2 weeks between these shows and in reality only had one. WOW!

Although, a long and crazy week at the Festival of trees, I met some really amazing women and had a few moments of downtime to get my act together. I am also making a note to self to get tickets to the Princess Tea for my girls... I think they would seriously love it!

On the 9th we began taking dance photos for the Pocatello Rec Center. There are some seriously darling little girls in this city. We had to start early this little partner Noelle Merzlock is very pregnant... She is actually going to be induced on the 17th. I pray she makes it until then.

On the 11th, we spent the entire evening setting up the foyer for CeleBrate Christ. Somehow that was my responsibility again this year... thankfully that was only one night this year and we were able to tear it all down on Sunday after the program.

I still have no Christmas tree up... I still don't care that I don't have a tree up.

On the 13th we had our annual Leslie cousin Christmas party. Good food, good company, fun activities, were had by most.

The craziness continues... on the 17th we had the adult Leslie party... we went bowling in Blackfoot - there is never a boring moment with Brandt in your company.
The 18th was our Ratliff Christmas party. We had it at the Red Lion... the kids swam, we sat in the hot tub, opened great gifts from mom & dad and slept over, only to wake up and leave the mess for the merry maids! It was the greatest.

As all of this is going on, I continued to make temple pictures... was trying to pack for our trip to Arizona, Christmas shop, wrap, Plan a school Christmas party, clean up messes from the previous month, decorate a spec home to free up the red trailer that was full of decorations, had a tooth pulled, was drowning in laundry, had two birthdays to buy presents for ( Chloee 21st and Gage 26th) birthday cakes to make..... woOOOOOW! I'm not so sure I don't need to be evaluated after this month is over.

Our trip to Arizona was anything but relaxing for me. We,, well, I worked from the minute we arrived until them minute we left. Painting... cleaning... cooking... we put up a tree, finshed the shopping, wrapped presents, made cake, baked cookies for Santa, watched the Nativity movie.... seriously. By the time Christmas was here, I was struggling to even CARE!!!

On the ride home, all 16 hours of it, I had plenty of time to review the hellacious month(s) previous. Nobody cares that i am stressed to the max, Nobody cares that I get fewer than 5 and sometimes 4 hours of sleep / night, Nobody cares that I have a "To-DO" list as long as both of my legs. NObody. As I found myself longing for days as a child when I was bored and had nothing to do, I also took time to think about resolutions for the New Year... and funny, many of them can easily be achieved by learning to say the word(s) NO, and Gee,I am sooo sorry... wish me luck!


  1. I am not sure how you do it all Holli! What a woman!! Love all the crafties you do. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. I want you to know that I CARE that you have a To Do list as long as both of your legs! I hope you really are able to begin to know when to say "No thanks, that's not gonna work for me right now!" Recently I spoke up and let the Relief Society President know it wasn't working out for me to have 2 partners and 2 VT routes. For the longest time I tried to make the scheduling work out and drove myself and I'm sure my family INSANE! I didn't want to tell her I just wanted one partner because I thought I'd be shirking my responsibility - but seriously who else has to juggle 2 partners??? She was great about it and I felt very liberating sticking up for myself and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Good Luck - YOU CAN DO IT!

  3. I noticed that you posted all of this at 3:16 AM...AM YOu need some sleep girlfriend. I can imagine that it IS difficult when so many people rely on your so many talents and abilities (and your unselfishness) to say "NO." Especially when all said and done I am sure you do get alot of gratification, but darlin' your poor body and mind are gonna give if you keep it up!! Gotta say no to a few things and slow it down a little and feel good about it!! You are so amazing and will still be even if you are sleeping 6-8 hours a night!! :)

  4. Please!! For the love of all things holy....HOLY CRAP, that is...Slow down!! You just do too much, and about the no one caring...I just want you to know that I care about you, not all the things you do (however you never cease to amaze me!) Take some time to sit back and smell the deserve it, you need it, and they aren't going to be there forever you know. There's time in life to do all that stuff, but maybe take it a little slower???!! Love you!