Thursday, January 14, 2010


Baby it is already really cold outside - or am I just a serious wimp! Maybe I am just cold because I am unable to maintain my own body temperature due to my LACK OF SLEEP these past few weeks. I am wishing I had started making crafties back in March or something for this show and wonder what in the world I have bit off this time! I have made over 120 temple plaques myself, ok, mom and steph also helped, 5 snowmen, 3 large pumpkins and now am working on large santas and blocks. SHEEESH!

We have continued to make temple pictures for Super Saturdays and Fantastic Fridays... by the end of the month, we will have made close to 1000 copies of various temple pictures.

On the 12th, Brennan got his braces off! His teeth look so great!

Derek made me a crafty booth - we finally got it all painted and I think I know how it is all going to work together with my display tables, etc. It is insane - all of the things to think about. My kids totally love the cash register that I bought. Madelyn wants to come help at the show so she can be in charge of the money.... right....

On the 20th we finally got the trailer packed up thanks to Steph and Ronnie. We would have never made it without their help. We arrived in I.F. in barely enough time to get things set up, before the janitor kicked us out. That place is intense. I haven't seen anything like it ... ever.

Our show was a success, it thought. Certainly, we sold enough inventory to have made it worth it and received a few custom orders in the meantime. Will I do it again? We'll see.

Thanksgiving was a little different this year... neither of the Grandma's were there to celebrate with us, but we invited aunt betty. Immediately following dinner, we got a call from RJ at Grandma's Motel, saying the Hot Water Heating system had blown loose! There was water shooting everywhere! What a way to illiminate a post thanksgiving dinner nap! We threw the carpet cleaner in the truck and away we went! I pray that place doesn't blow itself off the map before Grandma's will is settled. That could be another nightmare all by itself.

As this month rolls to a close, I am thankful for Family and Home. I seriously would not have made it through this month without Derek, my Mom and Steph and their willing hearts, helping hands, and many hours of service. I am also appreciative of the days when my house was clean, organized and decorated for the holidays.. as of now, it is none of those.

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