Monday, March 9, 2009

February is now just a BLURRRrrrrr!

I know it is March, but I am sticking to my commitment to journal each month as it passes.
February in Review.
The 'ol GroundHog wasn't a kidding.. We for sure have seen a lot of winter this month, except for a bout 14 minutes of sunshine and temperatures above 40 near the end of the month.

I already talked about my adventure to the temple. I am happy to report that I did find the missing 3 relatives and am headed to the gen. library to finish up.

Every Saturday we had basketball games. Stay tuned for some on the scene action shots.

The 12th - the 14th We had an aduLts only getaway to the cabin in Island Park. It was a Blast. Thanks to the Simonsens, Boyles, Crocketts, and the Dyes for Good food, Good Friends, Good Times. Thanks especially to Jennifer for the help redecorating while on top of the fireplace. She is amazing!

Brennan and Mady are taking a HIP Hop class. It is total Comedy. We enjoy watching it as much as they enjoy taking it.

We celeBrated lots of Birthdays this month... Mom (Anna) is 29.. again, Gee, & so is Holli!

We had our annual Ward Night-Skiing Party at PebBle Creek. Lots of Chili & Hot dogs.

Derek and I attended the aduLt session of our stake conference for the first time in a while. We left our kids home of course with the 2 older ones in charge of the 2 little ones. (I am pleased to announce that we are arriving) Get this.. ( I am getting "VaClempt" just thinking about it).. the Family Room was completely spotless. Brennan even vACUumed. We were so very impressed!

Well that's about it... I am totally looking forward to warmer and sunnier times. Yes, I do love to snowmachine, but it is time for warm afternoons, picnics, baseball games and certainly for kids to play outside! Tally HO!

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  1. Sounds like you've had a busy and fun month! I'm definately on board with the warm afternoons and picnics!! Can I borrow Brennan for a few hours? I need some vacuuming done! It's good to know that there is hope that all these hours of "patiently" (as if I have a patient bone in my body!) teaching my girls to do housework WILL pay off!! Yeah! I love reading your updates!