Friday, May 15, 2009

ApriL ShoWers BRinG May FLowers!

Seriously, I am confident we had April but at this point is a little blurry. Sick isn't it. As an elementary school student/ child I remember counting the days until our next day out of school, the end of the 9 week grading period, the days left until summer break, the days until school started up again, the days until Christmas break. As an adult & most especially as a parent of 4 crazy kids... there is no counting about it. Deadlines SNEAK up on me and FLY past before I can even catch my breath.
Milestones for our FAMILY in April were few, but we maximized each minute of it.

Beginning with the end of March we enrolled all of the kiddies in swimming lessons to add to the chaos our already SUPER NUTS schedule. ChLoee took a MOM/DAD and me class to learn how to blow bubbles and put her face in the water... a waste for a 2 year old. She thought it was stupid and just wanted to jump off the side into the water and "DIBE" Dive for the floaty frog that everyone else was just reaching for. Seriously, course descriptions are imperitive in my opionion. The other kids really enjoyed swimming lessons. Gage was a fish in his former life and thinks that he is ready for the olympics "Like that one guy who looks like our cousin Cameron.." (Michael Phelps) RIGHT. Maybe in the semi-drowning category for the doggie paddle.
Mady of course did well and like gage passed off her level 2 and Brennan passed off level 3 and is working toward his swimming merit badge (how convenient was that?)

We had our pinewood derby the beginning of the month. Our new hi-tech track is soooooo superior. It is connected to a computer and electronic finish line making my job sooooo much easier - and where scouts is concerned, there aren't many things that involved the word easy or easier. We have to do everything the long drawn out hard way.

On the 8th we had an enormous Homemaking super Saturday type activity where we made pictures of the temple. They turned out super. We used the Picture of the Idaho Falls Temple that I took in February when we visited. I thought they were great - and the night was a success.

Just one week later, Derek celebrated his 41st Birthday in a frenzie as he was preparing to go to Phoenix with his parents and secure a winter home for them. (He doesn't care if there are presents... as long as there is great chocolate cake!) He was gone for a week - it felt like 2. Seriously, single parenthood is not for me.
Within the course of that week, we sold our last Parade home (YEAH) and the spec home next door. (The old saying stands true, if you want to sell a home, plan a trip and go on it.) The kids and I packed up and drove to Utah on a trip to take pictures of all of the Utah valley temples and to purchase supplies for crafties. All of this while I was managing Phone calls long distance with regard to the houses. CUCKOO! IT was a CRAZY weekend. The kids enjoyed seeing all of the temples, Mady and Brennan have developed an interest in photography, Mady thinks she needs a $600 camera and Brennan would just be happy if Mady would give her camera to HIM - no strings attached. Now everytime Chloee sees a steeple she says... MOM ! Temple! Although stressful, is was a great time. Funny, there was no craziness or contention in the car while we were in pursuit of the next temple photo. The kids were exceptional, I must say. :)

Brennan is playing Chubbuck Boys Baseball - Does he really enjoy it? We'll see as the season progresses.

Mady is playing her first year of girls Fast pitch softball. Totally DIGS IT! But then what is not to dig about SOftball? GIrls are more fun, relaxed and are just playing for the social aspect and for the fun of it. BOYS and Dads are stressful. It's all about being your best and improving to be your best and winning. Yes, winning is the iceing on the cake, but could we have a little fun while doing it? It is a wonder i don't chew the acrylic nails off at his games. It is tense.

My whole next week was spent helping out at the new Green House in town... Changing Seasons. Decorating, Staging, Building a fireplace, more decorating. Apparently I am going to be selling some of my crafties there in the future. We'll see how much time I have for that! Zippity! --

To wrap it all up, Gage, Chloee and I went to McKees Petting Zoo for his preK fieldtrip. TRuly a hi-light of the month. We decided that we are super happy we are not pot-belly pigs and we don't snort corn up our noses while eating. HA!


  1. You need to move out here to the country and slow your life down a bit! I don't know how you do it!!

  2. Wow! I am impressed you always do so much. You are talented in many ways and it is great you share it. You kids are so cute!!

  3. What can I say...another exceptional article!! You are my newspaper columnist that I like the best...I just get tired of waiting the month before I get to read it!! Your little family is so cute, talented and smart!

  4. Hey Holli, Brennan is welcome to come over any time and hit. Jim is always outside with the boys and said to bring him over. I will call you and find out what your schedule looks like.

  5. Hey Aunt Holli,
    Life is always crazy, we're Ratliffs, it's in our blood :)
    Can't wait to see you and the family when I come out there on July 7th through the 18th.
    Love you and miss you!!