Saturday, July 18, 2009


Oh what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green? Do you sit in the shade and drink lemonade and watch all the clouds go by?

AS IF...

No school is a beautiful thing. Nothing important has happened at out house before 10:00 am. We have stayed up late, had sleepovers, watched a few movies and played with friends - just trying to get it out of our system so we can get on to bigger things...
The weather has still been fairly rainy. Everything is beautiful and green, the air is fresh. 'Love it. I can't remember a summer that has been so wet since I was a JR in High school - 1987. It seemed it rained every weekend. We did very little camping that year.

Brennan started the summer off with two prep camps - Basketball and Football. We are still playing baseball and is fairly discouraged by negative coaches and smart mouth team-mates. 'Hoping that this experience doesn't spoil it for him in the future. He and his dad and Gage went on the Father & Son's outing to Scout Mountain. I believe it rained all night so it was cut short.

Madelyn has started taking some little 4-H mini classes. She so far loves to crochet. My mom has been helping her. She is the crocheting guru - I know a few basic stitches but my ability to read a pattern is limited. (Mom is my resource for most things domestic.) She will start a cooking class next week. She continues to play softball. 'Loves it. Her team has really improved and they are fun to watch.

We attended an extended Family Reunion in Utah on the 20th. Seriously! What is the point. Very little was planned. There was no program, B.Y.O P. (bring your own picnic, water was provided!) What kind of an event was that? We showed up at the church because the event at the park was rained out. One of Shirley's brothers conducted and ordered introductions by each head of house, we visited for about 20 minutes and everyone was out the door! WHAT? That was worth a 2 hour drive to Utah. Many of Derek's cousins did not even bother to show up and now I know why.
"Nothing is easy achieved without enthusiasm!"

Gage is a T-Ball maniac. He is on fire this year. What a turn around from last year's dirt digging, whining, boo-boo experience. He doesn't have to use the tee and he actually runs to first base not third! We are arriving! Derek and I are coaching. We have half girls, half boys on the team. It has been fun. We have the Hege Tripletts on our team. They are our cheerleaders. It has been refreshing to have them so excited for each other this year.

Chloee is still working on being potty trained. Still working on loosing that bottle. Still sleeping in our bed. She loves to play outside and thinks she should just be able to hop on a bike and go like the older kids. She loves our neighbors new baby and wants to go visit as much as I will let her. She carts a baby around about half of the time all the while sporting a pair of crazy shoes and some thrown together assembly of clothing. WOW! She totally loves to swim, run through the sprinkler, jump on the trampoline, ride her big wheel, and she loves motorcycle rides and boating. She is for sure a member of our family.

Toward the end of the month, we took a day trip to Twin Lakes. It is to the brim. The water was beautiful, clear and blue and there was sunshine to be had. Our kids love to drive out to the middle and jump off the boat. IT was still a little chilly so that first Jump was a tad freezy. Blue lips and lots of goose-bumps. By the end of the day we were all used to it. We had a little BBQ with the Crockett Family and the Boyle's drove from Logan to meet us. Their kids are so grown up - Chloee thinks Garrett looks like Joe Jonas. Yes, yes he does.
It was a fun day. My Dad drove separately and brought his boat to go fishing. He brought Dallas with him. As soon as we saw them, my 3 older kids transferred to his boat and went fishing as well. Brennan is "Hooked" - he loves to fish. I am glad ... I love that he likes to spend time with my dad! ( and that my dad wants to spend time with the grandkids.) He and my dad will get to know each other and he will learn to appreciate my dad's quiet crazy ways. My dad is a very talented man - I am hoping some of those things will rub off on them. Gage just likes to BE with him. It doesn't matter what they do... Ride the lawnmower, go on bike rides, fix things, dig in the garden, watch a fishing show in the recliner with a peeled orange or a tomato and a salt shaker. He digs Grandpa John. So do I.

Derek and I continue to be busy with stuff and things that won't matter 20 years from now. It seems the day to day hum drum is nuts most days around here. Everyday, I clean the same house, do the same laundry, clean up the same messes, drive to the same grocery store, buy and prepare the same food, go to bed exhausted in the same bed, and everyday,wake up next to the same really great man - for that I am gratefuL.

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  1. That last paragraph sounds A WHOLE LOT like my everyday life!!! My biggest obstacle is to have one complete thought run through my head without some kind of interruption. Maybe someday!!! I'll bet that 20 years from now your kids will be remembering all the fun times their parents provided for them when they were young!