Wednesday, June 24, 2009

May-Day! May-Day!

Stop the InsaNitY! Is the phrase that comes to mind as I review my Calendar for the month of May. How did we make it through? There isn't a bare spot on the calendar and in many spots, there is white out and post-it notes covering days where the 2 inch square space was inadequate to hold the activities for the day. I did not think we would make it, but It is true! Another school year has come to a close and I am so glad for a break from the books, and the strict bedtime regimen at the Leslie Household.

Let's see... We attended my cousin Jared's new baby blessing. She is for sure a sweetie. She is the first grandchild on that side of the family. Miracles never cease.

Derek and I have been working out a system to quickly cut MDF boards for temple pictures. We also have developed some mad skills making frames. This is the most exciting development of the month in my opinion.

We have had 5 Doctor/ ER visits this month. When it rains, it pours. Chloee hurt her front teeth somehow and had an abcess requiring antibiotics. (that was a treat... I have changed my perfume to essence of amoxicillin due to the constant spraying I would get trying to give the meds to her. She hates taking medicine. It kind of smells like strawberry :)
Brennan had pneumonia the first part of the month. I am going to get the Crappy mother of the year award because I made him wait an entire week feeling like horriBle before I took him to the doctor. Sorry Bren! We are just sick of hearing that "It's just a virus" $100 dollars and 2 hours in the waiting room later!
I went to the ER the night before MOther's Day with a piece of acrylic nail in my eye. Yeah. I am for sure going to mount the safety goggles next time I do my nails at midnight. Dangerous!
Gage swallowed a "quarter" in his exact words, and required a chest x-ray. We later found out it was only a nickel. Cut him some slack. He is only going to be in Kindergarten and is still learning money. I am thankful he only needed a chest film and not a gastroscopy! That would be something he would never forget.
'Just when you would think we couldn't possibly do one more thing requiring medical attention, Chloee fell on a stick, jamming it into her mouth, scraping the roof of her mouth and jabbed her in the throat. WOW! this again required a course of antibiotics. Seriously. We may have met our deductible in a 3 week period of time.

I have taken a severe liking to photography this last year and have put my camera to good use along with a little buddy, Noelle Merzlock. We have just completed 2 weeks of H * E * double Hockey Sticks at the Community Rec Center - taking pictures of all of the little sweeties in their dance classes. Totally cute. I posted some of Mady's dance pictures earlier. I am hoping we have just paid our dues and will have our foot in the door for more projects in the future.

I had my Hair chopped off. Seriously. I have as much hair as 3 human beings should have. We have had so much wind this spring (imagine that... wind in Idaho) I just decided it was time to chop it off. It is to my shoulders and layered and thinned out severly. One of these days I will get used to it. Hopefully. Some days I wonder what I was thinking - ok. Everyday. Cuckoo!

The middle of the month, I enrolled in a Continuing Education class for my Broker's license. I thought I would take it early in order to save me the hassle later on. Anyway. The course was for a "Green" designation. Seriously. I am struggling the remember anything in my life that delivered the torture factor as fiercely as this class. This would be the equivalent of Hell to me. Boring, useless, repetitive material over a 3 day period. DId I get the credits? yes. Will I use the designation? NO.

Our busy children continue to have baseball and softball games & practices.

We went camping over Memorial weekend to Lake Channel near American Falls. Rainy, sandy craziness all weekend. Our kids had a ball with the Dyes and the Crocketts. They rode motorcycles, caught lizards, played in the dirt and climbed the huge rock near our campground. I totally love our camper and will love it even more when Chloee decides to sleep in her own space. That queen size bed is just not going to cut it much longer.

The last day of Elementary school for my kids was on the 28th. It seemed that the last couple of weeks was spent messing around. They both brought home the contents of their desks about 6 days before the end of school. They watched movies, went to assemblies, and who knows what else. I would seriously love to have had them out 6 days sooner that to have them waste the time on crazy things with little meaning.
Brennan will be in the 6th grade. They have just bumped the 6th graders to the middle school so Bren will go to Hawthorne Jr. High. He is excited. I am still trying to decide what I think.

We will be coaching Gage's TeeBall team this year. Last year he was a total Stinker and we vowed we would not coach him again. Well, we have given him one more chance and we will see if we make it through the season. Our team is made up of only children from our Neighborhood this year. It will be fun because we not only live in a great neighborhood, but we know all of the kids. They are great kids.

As the month comes to a close, I have cause to reflect upon the many things that I am thankful for... Hmm. For sure good health. Children who are obedient and always try to do their very best. Positive attitudes. Free enterprise. Photoshop cs.
Good friends. Loving Parents. Shorts - because they take up less room in the laundry than long jeans. Summer vacation - we can stay up late and sleep in and do what ever we want. People who influence my children positively, help them develop confidence. Best friends. Laughter. Ensalada Bajio (MMMM my favorite). pepsi.

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  1. love it! It sounds a lot like the time we've been having...with sickness that is. Also...LeeAnn and Kenzie have the swine flu!!!! Yeah...that's crazy!! Anyway, thanks for sharing...I wish I lived in your neighborhood...sounds like fun!!!