Thursday, July 1, 2010

May-Be Not...

It is the truth. May flew past. There is truth to the saying "Time Flies"... when you are having fun, but especially when you are super busy. I am slowly recovering from the FLAT SPot on my rear after a month of Photo Shoppe-ing. I am still neck deep in softball pictures and we still have half of the rec center to take and "SHoppe" Wow.

We did manage to go camping over the Memorial HOliday. Derek thinks he can predict the weather and apparently, I am the only one who thinks a 40% chance of showers means that it is going to rain! He eventually convinced (hipnotized) everyone that the weather was going to be fine so we all drug our rigs up the mountain. It had rained several days during the week so the roads were greasy & squishy! A 40% chance of showers means that not only will it rain, but it will DUMP on you for 2 days straight and that every IDIOT with 4 wheel drive will head for the hills where the mud is. What I wouldn't give for a photo of Darin Crockett's truck and 5th wheel going "DUKES OF HAZZARD" up the hill at MInk Creek to the campground. For some things there is VISa, but that was full on PRICELESS. THere is something in his mind that takes life by the horns when the rest of us know better and choose to sit on the porch. Eventually, the rain stopped and we were able to enjoy a sunny Sunday and Monday. The riding was great and as always, the scenery is breath-taking.

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