Sunday, September 13, 2009

OHHHH August!

We began the month of August with a Leslie FaMiLy ReUnion in Island Park. Many of Derek's siblings and Aunt's & Uncles stayed at the cabin. To maintain our sanity, I opted to bring the camper along. Besides... DUH ! The campground has a pool and a hot tub - the cabin does not. Anyway. It ended up being kind of a convenience thing as it was close to the pavillion and we had easy access to everything in my little kitchen while we prepared many of our meals at the pavillion.
Had a great time visiting with the FamiLy. It of course is always a JOY to be around Brandt and his Family. He for sure keeps things lively.

The next week, our Little babysitter Chelsie had Girls Camp. So that means we didn't get a whole lot done. Ok. Maybe we did. In preparation for our trip to Arizona coming up, I have been on a mission to gather furniture and other things to take with us in order to furnish the "Winter HOME" we purchased with Derek's parents. This week, I finally got around to refinishing the chairs to the dining set and completely tore apart 2 wing back chairs that I inherited from my Grandmother. (I am sure I unpicked 4 trillion staples and so did Steph.)

This week we went to the Temple with Tara as she took out her endowments and then enjoyed an amazing meal at the Olive Garden. Serious YUM. We also suffered the wrath of Montazuma's revenge. All of us had the stomach flu - some worse than others.

On the 8th, we rode to Firth and helped with the final Yard work Preparatory to Tara's wedding. Todd & Wendy's kids and our kids were there. That is an army of helpers. We seriously kicked that yard into shape in about 5 hours. Mowing, weeding, bark down, window washing, etc. POW. It looked great.

Late in the project, I took off for IF to run some errands. The usual. Fabric store, Old Navy and Big Lots were on the agenda. In one hour, I returned an old Navy purchase, selected fabric for the 2 wingback chairs and found an amazing bargain on a sofa for the Arizona house. WOW! $220.00 for a sofa!

The next week of course was spend recovering the wingback chairs. I completely dig the fabric. If only I did NOT need to eat or sleep. I could be the most productive individual on the planet. Unfortunately, the older I get, sleep is SOOOOOO necessary.

The past few weeks, Grandma Fern has been really ill. She of course has been getting worse the last 2 years until just a few weeks ago, Dad had her transferred from her home to Ashley Manor on Hawthorne Road. She continued to deteriorate there. The last few days, we have been worried about her so mom asked Derek to give her a blessing. We went over just before we had to leave to drive to Firth. She of course was not doing well at all and was hardly responding. She did open her eyes and look at me when I said "Grandma, It's Holli" Bless her heart. When I think of the Sacrifices this woman has made in her lifetime, I can't help but feel like this last portion of craziness that she has had to endure is slightly unfair. Derek gave her a nice blessing and then we had to leave for Firth.
We of course were in a hurry to get to Tara's Meet the Family dinner. It turned out delightful and we all approve of Nick and his Parents. Delightful.
Tara's wedding was the next day. Instead of us staying there, we came home in order to keep plugging away on some of the projects necessary for our trip. Early Friday we went to Idaho Falls for the wedding. On the way to the temple, I got a phone call from Steph saying that Grandma had passed away. So sad for us but so great for her that she is free from her suffering. More than anything, I felt bad that I wasn't able to be there to be a support for my dad.
The wedding ceremony was really nice. We were all very happy for her. The reception was seriously Chaotic. The wind was blowing outside until right before we had to set up the tables. We had very little help in the kitchen until Tara's friend's mom showed up to bail me out. Shirleys nieces's arrived just in the Nick of time too. I would have been to feet under in chicken salad and Frape!
As you might imagine... all of the back and Forth and this and that did not allow much time for us to pack and prepare for our trip to Arizona. On Saturday the 15th, we had originally planned to be on the road by about 1:00 pm. By the time we went to see Grandma at the mortuary, went to visit dad, made arrangements for a flight home & a rental car, mowed lawns, and packed, it was 8pm. We hit the wendy's drive thru for din-din and then the road. WOW! Perpetual Motion lately.
We wanted to drive as far as we could the first night. As we continued on, we decided to pull an all nighter and go the entire way. We pulled into Queen Creek Arizona at 11:30 am and another adventure began.
The home is really cute. I had never seen it before. Derek and his parents picked it out in April. We finally closed on it in August. The floor plan is completely workable but the best part is the swimming pool. We completely LOVED it!
This trip was spent cleaning, painting and moving in. I am hoping the next trip will be a little more fun for me (what isn't fun about buying stuff at Wal-mart?) Next time we will have a few things to do, but not to the extent we did this time. Still, it was fun. HOT! One after noon, Derek said it was 117 on his truck thermometer. Sweet nibblets.
Ok. we arrived Sunday at 11:30 am. we worked and moved all day Sunday. Monday was more of the same. At 2:30 Derek drove me to the Phoenix airport so I could make it home for Grandma's funeral. By 8:00 pm I was finally on a plane heading for Salt Lake. My flight had been delayed 3 times. I caught the last flight out of Arizona that night. I arrived in Salt Lake at 11:00 ish and then had to catch a rental car and still drive home. By the time I got to SLC, most of the rental cars were gone. I had a choice between a diesel Excursion, a yellow YUGO or a Bright blue mustang. NO Brainer. I took the mustang.
I arrived in Pocatello at 2:30 am, went to sleep, woke up at 8:00 was at the Funeral home by 9:45 for a 10:00 funeral. We had a nice time visiting with all of the cousins and relatives that I haven't seen in a very long time. We had our luncheon at the Golden Corral and then at 4:00 pm I was on the road back to SLC. I caught an 8:00 pm flight (once again, it was delayed ) and after a layover in Denver, Derek picked me up at the airport in Phoenix and we drove back to the house. We dropped into bed at 2:00 am AZ time. exhausted!!!
The next few days were spent finishing projects, throwing rooms together, swimming hour after hour (kids only) and of course cleaning.
On Friday, we cleaned and packed and shampooed carpet, hung drapes and then finally got on the road at 6:00 ish. (My kids were seriously sick of McDonalds after this week.) Dinner at McD's again and then on the road. We drove as far as Flagstaff and then bunked down for the night.
By 10:00 am we were on the road - well at least out of the hotel and looking for breakfast. After a visit to Walmart for drinks and crochet hooks for mady, we were on our way. Little did we know this would turn out to be the longest day in history. We didn't pull into the driveway until 2:30 am. Just for the record. It is much easier to pull that ride in one solid trip. It goes by much quicker in the dark while watching a movie. Kids are much more pleasant while trying to sleep. Many lessons were learned. We are excited to visit again over Christmas break. Two weeks of Fabulito weather. Bring it.
Monday morning our kids started school. Brennan's weeks of anxiety were in vain as he was introduced to Hawthorne Middle School. He really likes it and is completely impressed with all of the options he has for lunch. Mady likes her teacher and is making new friends. Gage is totally cooperative if he can go to SUBWAY before school. (AS if) He likes to ride the bus and his buddy MAX is in his class. What could be better?
Tuesday the 25th, Derek and I celeBrated our 14th anniversary. Ok celebrated? That was an exaggeration. I didn't get him anything, he gave me a card and a hedge trimmer and we went to the Road House for dinner on a gift certificate from our T-Ball team. Celebrated? We have been so busy lately this event took a back seat.

Wednesday, I cancelled Pack Meeting.. Mostly because... WHO cares about Pack meeting right now? NOT me.

Thursday and Friday , Noelle and I made crafties for our up and coming Super Saturday. Be looking for those on my porch. 'Can't wait to have them.

On Saturday, we went to Bren's game at 1:30, Rushed home and then went to Kate's baptism in Firth where I gave probably the crappiest talk of my career, we had sundays and drove home.

What is it all for? I do not remember my parents sitting down with at calendar and trying to fit everything in to their lives. In contrast, Derek and I live by the calendar. We have to plan time to sit and discuss things. SIck and wrong. SOmething has to give. I pray it isn't my sanity - oh... oooopps. That was gone a long time ago.


  1. After reading this, I am now officially exhausted! I love Arizona of course, it's my old mission stomping grounds! How fun! Someday we may join you there in having a winter home! I wish you would come out here and give the gals some of your super saturday ideas...heaven knows we could use some help!!! You are amazing as ever! By the way, after we saw you in Walmart, I felt bad realizing I didn't introduce you to my husband Dan, I just assumed everyone in the world knows you! So, I apologize!!!

  2. Hey there! Well I just thought I'd let ya know it's December now and the last time you posted was AUGUST! Ha ha! Anyhow, I'm making my blog private and if you'd like to keep reading you can email me your email address! My email is Thanks! Also -We LOVE our pictures! Thanks so much - you're just AWESOME in every way! Love ya!