Friday, February 6, 2009

Its all about FAMILY...

Many people close to us know that we have in a round about way ... ok... since May of 2005 - been doing temple work for My dad's side of the Family. I must admit, if we had not been issued a chaLLenge by our Bishop to have famiLy names for a then up and coming youth baptism trip, these peopLe might still be waiting for us to get it in gear!@_* My Grandfather was relatively easy... but it took some doing to find information on his parents, grand parents, and siblings. Let's hear it for the census of 1910 being destroyed by FIRE - (WHo couLd have had a hand in that?... SATAN?) I am pretty sure that record is the link to everything I am missing. If you were a Geneology buff, you could imagine how great it was for me to stumble upon the document that answered many questions and helped to get this family "Temple Ready". We discovered a few FaMiLy secrets, verified a few others, and were able to do baptisms for 3 women and 6 men. Derek and I did the Baptisms ourselves. It was really a great experience.

Over the course of the next year or so, we received endowments for my great- great grandparents, great grandparents , a great aunt, 3 great uncles and my Grandfather. I admit, after completing this minor task, I have greater appreciation for those who have dedicated their lives to geneology and temple work for their families. These names rode around in my purse for a long time and considering the scheduLe we have kept over the last 3 years, it is a wonder that I remembered anything much less that I needed to still have these people sealed to each other.
Last week, I found the names in my purse. Yes, it is Feb, 2009!!!

In October when my Grandma Primm passed away, My mother received a letter from her "cousin" Retta, who is amazing ( wife of a pastTemple president & geneological Rottweiler)... She had found some names in my Grandpa Primm's Line that needed work. Mom gave the names to us, and they have sat in my kitchen cupboard..... waiting.... waiting...

The temple is open after it's seasonal closing. Derek and I went yesterday to 'Git 'R' Done, if you will. We had a youth group do our baptisms (4 women, 3 men) and then we did a session. After the session, we had everyone who was able from both sides of the family (double greats on the Ratliff line and triple greats on the PRimm Line) , sealed to their faMiLies. It was an incredible experience for me. I'm not really sure WHO was there with us, but I don't remember EVER feeling like I did yesterday in the temPle. IT was an experience I will not soon forGet!

We still have a few names that need date clarification to make them temple ready.... Gee, I think I will get right on that! :)

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  1. Hey Holli! Steph told me you started a blog and I found you! I just started not to long ago also! Our blog address is Can I add you to my list? Anyhow, your kids are absolutely darling! Love ya! Jodi (Harris) Lewis