Saturday, January 3, 2009

We have done it! We made it through another Holiday season alive! 'Funny how I always have such big plans for the season - the plan is usually for things to be WAY more simplified than the years previous. This year was not the case. I put off the holiday shopping until the week before, and our 2 December Birthdays snuck up on me like a bad pair of undies. At this time I am pledging to be more prepared next year.

Although there was much hustle and bustle, we did enjoy our Holiday break. We spent lots of time with the kids... had sleep overs with friends and cousins, stayed up late, went to the movies, went sledding and snow machine riding at Grandmas, shoveled snow, helped Aunt Steph and Uncle Ron finish their basement, and did our fair share of cleaning and laundry.

Now that we are all relaxed and rested, we will begin another semester of school and hope for the best attempting to get everyone back on schedule!

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  1. Oh My Gosh your kids are so Stinkin Cute Holli!!